Death for rape ...

If you are living in the NCR (National Capital Region), you are not surprised to see news of rape every other day. For a person like me who has spent all his life (barring a few years in NCR), the word RAPE is very very scary. The part of India I live in, we never hear such ugly crimes taking place so regularly.

The other day, a MBA student was raped in NOIDA. I don't understand the state laws though. Tell me one good reason a person having committed a crime like rape should not be given death sentence. I need just one good reason which my brain can accept.

Rape is so evil and so utterly traumatizing that justice cries out for death. It has to! How can you tolerate this kind of crime in civilized society? I read somewhere that in the US, about 6 states have death penalty for child rape. Its my personal belief that every person committing this heinous crime should be sentenced to death. It is so evil. There is no justification for it. Is there any?

We've got to send a message to all these sex offenders. We need to before its too late and the women in this country would feel scared to step out of their houses.

Its very interesting to know (for those who don't know) that both the states of UP and Delhi have women chief ministers!

Shame ... What the ....?