We want an Oscar!

Bollywood music director A.R. Rahman Monday became the first Indian to win the Golden Globe Award, for best original musical score in Danny Boyle's movie "Slumdog Millionaire". Period.

Well, seems like Indian films and artists are being recognized at the world stage now. Why not? ... Has anyone composed the type of songs Rahman has done in his entire career till now? Has anyone reached those heights of madness his music takes us when we listen to it? Has anyone done any good than him for Indian music?

The answer to all the above questions is NO. I personally believe that there is no one who can match the charisma that Rahman's music has. Yes, I know that 'Ilayaraja' is great and I admire him very much but the kind of heights Rahman has reached with his niche is unbelievable.

His acclaimed music compositions have led TIME Magazine to declare him the "Mozart of Madras"! What else can explain Rahman's magic?

Having won the Golden Globe Award, all eyes are now on the Oscars. I know its very difficult to get an Oscar with the kind of process they have for selecting the winners. Its not kind of favourite for Indian cinema I would say. Why? Well show me a movie as powerful as "Rang De Basanti" or for that matter a movie as good as the Marathi movie "Shwaas". I bet you will not find any but still Indians movies and artists have been always deprived of Oscars till date.

But times are changing. Let's hope that 'Mumbai' wins again. Lets hope that the world will take notice of Indian artists and lets hope that A.R.Rahman wins that coveted 'Oscar' for his soundtrack in Slumdog Milloinaire.

Wish you all the best Rahman. You are the star of India. Winning or losing the Oscar is not going to affect the immense talent that you have. Keep the whole nation rocking with your great music!