We live in a corrupt system!

Yes! and we don't need to prove this to anyone in the world. We are the most corrupt system in the world!

“What more should we do to prove ourselves? Do we have to plead for recognition?" These are words of Olympic bronze medallist wrestler Sushil Kumar after being ignored for the prestigious Padma awards. Well, I would like to tell him - You're not the only one. We are part of a very corrupt system. We are surrounded by so many corrupt souls who can not see you progress...Who can not see you growing faster and achieving more than them...Who at the very thought of being losing out do all the bad things for you!

Its an irony that we have also got ignorant about it now. We just hear it and forget it. If a person fights for people, there is no one who can fight for him at the end. Think of people like Sushil Kumar and Vijendar. For god's sake, these guys among 1.2 Billion who got us pride at the Olympics. And what they got in the end was ... complete ignorance from the Govt of India. What the ....?

If these people don't deserve to be recognized, someone please tell me who deserves it???


PEARL: A Leadership Model by Baba

I am working on a model of leadership called "PEARL". A 'PEARL' is a thing considered to be valuable or beautiful. My model of leadership comprises of 5 valuable components, which in some way or other are valuable as well as beautiful.

The five components of this model are described briefly below.

People: Every leader in today's word need to have 'People Centric Approach' in his actions. A leader can't go alone with his goals and need to have the 'people vision' to drive and achieve the goals. Any of your technologies, products or for that matter structures can be copied by your competitors. No one, however, can match your highly charged, motivated people who care.

Empowering: Enabling people to work with you is very important and without empowerment, you can't have some of the things done as you want them to be done. People are any organization's most underutilized resources. In today's era, independent entrepreneurship and initiative is needed throughout the ranks of any organization. If a leader is able to empower his employees, he is definitely bound to have success written all over.

Audacity: We all know that price of failure is high. So when the leader shows audacity in his actions, the stakes are quite high, but then so are the rewards! Creative risk taking is very important for any leader. Thoughtless caution is far more dangerous than thoughtless risk.

Reliable: Trust is a vital ingredient in organizations since they represent a type of ongoing relationship. Of course one of our IBM values is "Trust & Responsibility in every relationship"! A leader should be dependable and when I say dependable it means people in the organization should trust the leader's actions. The leader should be able to build personal and organizational trust amon the people he works with. Trust is bound to motivate people in the organization.

Luminous: A leader should always lead by example. His acts should shine and it should make others to take notice of his actions. A luminous leader is noticed by all the people around and people love to follow the actions of such leaders. Luminous leaders make greatness look like it had to happen as its a routine for them.


Just 'DO IT'!

Its 52 days now! Mumbai was attacked on 26/11 and since then we are just waiting ... waiting for Pakistan to react ... waiting for the international community to support us!

What the ....? Come on India, we know that Pakistan is not the country which will do something for the 'non-state' actors present there. Don't expect a bed of roses from Pakistan in reply to the dossier that India sent regarding the evidences about Pakistani non-state actors' involvement in the Mumabi attacks.

Are we nuts? Can't we understand that Pakistan will never react based on our previous experience? Don't we know that there is not rule along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border and that all the 'non-state' actors reside there? Don't we know that the guy called 'Maulana Masood Azhar' was traded for the release of the Indian hostages in December 1999? Don't we know that he is enjoying his stay in Pakistan?

Its time we just do it! For the sake of our countries self respect ... for the sake of every common Indian man who pays taxes so that the Government protects him ...

If we wait the next 7 days ... for Pakistan's reply on the dossier of evidences sent ... It will be adding another figure of 7 to the existing 52! It will be 59 on 20th Jan and we will get the reply as - "India had provided some information regarding the Mumbai attacks. Its not evidence!"

Get over this India ... we need to ... every Indian is waiting for this and so is Baba Tiratzo!


We want an Oscar!

Bollywood music director A.R. Rahman Monday became the first Indian to win the Golden Globe Award, for best original musical score in Danny Boyle's movie "Slumdog Millionaire". Period.

Well, seems like Indian films and artists are being recognized at the world stage now. Why not? ... Has anyone composed the type of songs Rahman has done in his entire career till now? Has anyone reached those heights of madness his music takes us when we listen to it? Has anyone done any good than him for Indian music?

The answer to all the above questions is NO. I personally believe that there is no one who can match the charisma that Rahman's music has. Yes, I know that 'Ilayaraja' is great and I admire him very much but the kind of heights Rahman has reached with his niche is unbelievable.

His acclaimed music compositions have led TIME Magazine to declare him the "Mozart of Madras"! What else can explain Rahman's magic?

Having won the Golden Globe Award, all eyes are now on the Oscars. I know its very difficult to get an Oscar with the kind of process they have for selecting the winners. Its not kind of favourite for Indian cinema I would say. Why? Well show me a movie as powerful as "Rang De Basanti" or for that matter a movie as good as the Marathi movie "Shwaas". I bet you will not find any but still Indians movies and artists have been always deprived of Oscars till date.

But times are changing. Let's hope that 'Mumbai' wins again. Lets hope that the world will take notice of Indian artists and lets hope that A.R.Rahman wins that coveted 'Oscar' for his soundtrack in Slumdog Milloinaire.

Wish you all the best Rahman. You are the star of India. Winning or losing the Oscar is not going to affect the immense talent that you have. Keep the whole nation rocking with your great music!


Death for rape ...

If you are living in the NCR (National Capital Region), you are not surprised to see news of rape every other day. For a person like me who has spent all his life (barring a few years in NCR), the word RAPE is very very scary. The part of India I live in, we never hear such ugly crimes taking place so regularly.

The other day, a MBA student was raped in NOIDA. I don't understand the state laws though. Tell me one good reason a person having committed a crime like rape should not be given death sentence. I need just one good reason which my brain can accept.

Rape is so evil and so utterly traumatizing that justice cries out for death. It has to! How can you tolerate this kind of crime in civilized society? I read somewhere that in the US, about 6 states have death penalty for child rape. Its my personal belief that every person committing this heinous crime should be sentenced to death. It is so evil. There is no justification for it. Is there any?

We've got to send a message to all these sex offenders. We need to before its too late and the women in this country would feel scared to step out of their houses.

Its very interesting to know (for those who don't know) that both the states of UP and Delhi have women chief ministers!

Shame ... What the ....?


Indian Passport & the trauma associated with it...

I have completed one year today… ask me of what and prompt will be the answer … my struggle of getting my passport renewed at the Regional Passport Office in New Delhi!

A few weeks back I was reading a news article about Saina Nehwal finally getting her passport renewed after much dilly-dallying by the authorities, clearing her way to participate in the World Super Series Masters Badminton final in Malaysia in December 2008. “Wow! So at last she got her passport. She is really lucky.” - I said to myself at that time. I know how it is at the passport offices across our country. I had to travel to Japan on an official visit in Feb'08 so I applied for renewal in Jan'08.

It took more than 4 months for me to get it renewed. I had to literally fight with the passport officer, had to visit the passport office 7 times.

Its simply ridiculous out there. You can just walk in the passport office and you will understand the condition there. Its filthy. I met a couple in Mar'08 at the Regional Passport Office in New Delhi. They had applied for the passport 15 months back and when I met them, they told me that passport officers said their file was lost! Wow ... so after so many months, what they got was a great surprise!

I had written a mail to the Joint Secretary (jscpv@mea.gov.in) & Regional Passport officer (rpo.delhi@mea.gov.in) which am sharing with you all. So next time you are stuck with any problem with your issue/renewal of passport, you can drop a mail to these mail IDs.

Just enjoy the content of this mail. Its all TRUE!

From: Anand Dholi
Sent: Thursday, April 03, 2008 11:18 AM
To: propg@mea.gov.in; jscpv@mea.gov.in; rpo.delhi@mea.gov.in
Cc: eahamed@hotmail.com; eahmed@sansad.nic.in; pkm@sansad.nic.in;
presidentofindia@rb.nic.in; contactus@pmo.nic.in
Subject: Complaint about Renewal of my Passport (File No. - NOT DISCLOSED HERE)
Importance: High

Hello Sir,

Sub.: Renewal of my passport No. (Not disclosed here).


My name is Anand Dholi and I am a citizen of India by birth.
I have applied for renewal of my passport in the month of January and my
application file number is XXYYY (Not disclosed). My passport No. (Not disclosed here) expired on February 18th' 2008 and as it was going to expire in the month of February,I had applied well head of time in January. I was supposed to travel
outside India last month for business purpose, but due to non-availability
of my passport, I haven't been able to do so.

Till today, I have not received my renewed passport. I have visited the
Regional Passport Officer 3 times since January but in vain.
First I was told that they didn't have the CID Dispatch number with them.
Secondly when I went there with the same, I was told that the person who
does the updation was not in office. Surprisingly there was not a
replacement in the absence of this person (who does the updation).

Lastly when I went there yesterday, I was humiliated by your employees. No one
ready to listen to anything. That was a shock for me.
Is this what we get being a good citizen of India? Is this the way your
department works? Whats going on in the passport office? Is this what we
get being a citizen of India???


Some Interesting Facts:
1. My police verification was not done for 40 days after I applied for
the renewal. I went to the police station @ Gurgaon (Sector 40) to get my
verification done. I was asked for the 'Mithai' after the
verification. Its the police departments job to do the verification @ the
residence address but it didn't happen in my case at all.

2. I went to the CID Branch @ Gurgaon Mini Secretariat to get the
dispatch number (of Police Report File) myself. Is this my job or
responsibility when I apply for the passport?

3. When I went to the Regional Passport Office, I was told the dispatch
number was wrong. For god's sake ... it was given to me by a Govt. Employee @ CID Branch in Gurgaon.

4. The person who updates the CID Report records in the computer system
was absent the day I went and there was no person taking care of his
responsibilities at all. So does this mean that if a person is absent from
his duty, there will be no work done in the office?

Well ... I have lost all my hopes to get the passport renewed by now and
this has hampered my travel and my company's business.
If things like these continue, we, the citizens of India will lose hope in
the Govt. of India's offices and officers for sure.

I have nothing more to say now.


Anand Dholi

Why are we waiting?

Its official ... Pakistan official agencies behind Mumbai attack - says the Indian Prime Minister. The PM also said that the November 26 Mumbai attacks were clearly carried out by the Pakistan-based outfit Lashkar-e-Taiba. He added the Mumbai attack must have had support from some official agencies in Pakistan.

What next? Another convoy to the United States? Another meet of all the Chief Ministers? Another dossier of evidence to China? Another talk show with some historians and security experts?

Come on India, its show time now! Enough of these talks and evidences. We don't need to prove to anyone that we are right 'cause we have suffered a lot till this day. Its time that we start taking action against all these terror-pro countries.

Everyone knows that Pakistan is a safe haven for terrorists and a sanctuary for terrorist forces. Why we need to prove this to the wolrd?

What the ....?


Mama to Obama!

I came across this cartoon today morning while reading the TOI. How true it stands for the eunuchs we have in our Government!

Now am also reading in the news that India is taking the evidence about "elements" in Pakistan being associated with the 26/11 attacks to China apart from the US.

What the ....? Who the hell is China to decide that the evidences are real and strong? Is our Indian Government full of cowards? Why do we have to prove that Pakistani elements were involved in those attacks, to the rest of the world?

I guess I will keep on writing about this like many other people - taxpayers, who need answers from the Government, till one day, I or any other ordinary Indian becomes a victim of terror.


Padhai karo aur maro! (पढाई करो और मरो!)

Just a while back I was reading a news article about an IIT student committing suicide after failing to get a job!

So I thought to myself, "अब एही होना बाकि रह गया था!". I mean ... can anyone understand what levels of stress the students are these days. Does anyone care? I was more shocked when I read that in last four years 7 IIT students ended their lives due to mental stress. What do these figures tell you?

Well, I remember myself going to school in the village, in my early years, with a couple of note books. Nothing else mattered. After a few years, when our family moved to a town, I noticed the weight of the bag that my younger brother was carrying to his school. I can see the difference then and I realize it now. His bag used to weigh about 3-4 KGs & if you compare that to my bag at the same age, any fool can make out the difference.

Why have we become like this? I don't see any difference in the education I got at the village and my younger brother got in the town at the same age. Then why the difference in the weight of the school bags? I was thinking about the same when I read this news article today.

Our education system is really weird. I know that Indian education system is hailed as one of the best in the world. I have seen the Japanese sending their schools to Indian schools! But then, I have one small challenge. Give me 20 guys from the IITs and ask them to repair a broken hand pump, which is used to get water, in any of the villages. How many of them will be able to repair it? Think! Is the education we get really useful for our day-to-day activities as well?

I also see people really worried, shaken and traumatized by the % their children get in class Xth or XIIth. Its like a rat race. In fact, now a days, getting 90% will not make any good to your children as students are getting almost 100% in the exams. Which direction are we heading?

If you are asked to always be 100% in what ever you do, you will realize the mental stress it causes. Do the parents bother about the same for their children? Do they know what kind of stress their children are having cause of continuous pressure to outperform others? I got so many questions.

Sadly am not intelligent, so I don't know the answers to these questions. So if you know, please feel to post it here so that the readers can benefit.


Day 1: Five killed and 50 injured!

What a great start to the new year for Indian people! What the ....?

I am not amused by the serial blasts in Guwahati, Assam as i have full confidence in the incompetent security agencies of our country. It seems after all those blasts in 2008, our Indian Govt. hasn't learned a single lesson.

Here is what our new home minister has to say. "“Assam Police knew of the person, name, face and family and had nearly got him, but he escaped…it was just that little bit of luck,”. So this means, you should be lucky enough to be alive in India. You should start blaming the luck of the people who have died in the blasts till date in India! Wow, Mr.Minister, I never knew that luck plays that important role in survival of a human life. You have opened my eyes!

Now that Day 1 has started on a loosing note for the Indian Govt. let's see how we do in the remaining 364 days of 2009!

Someone bless my countrymen ... Please!


10 events of 2008 that changed India!

Here is my list of 10 events that changed India in 2008! They are in random order.

1. Rs. 1 lakh Tata Nano - People's Car launched

Tata Motors had brought revolution in the car industry, by launching the Tata Nano - People's Car. No one in the world dares to do what Ratan Tata has done.

This is almost unachievable for any car maker and if it is, no one will dare do what the Tatas are doing!

2. Indian Premier League

Though am not an avid cricket fan, I have to mention this. IPL was a big thing that happened to the world of cricket. It changed the way the game is played.

It provided the real entertainment of T20 cricket to the viewers. Who won't mind a cricket match ending in 3 hours time!

3. Indian Hockey Team fails to qualify for Olympics

In the wee hours of March 10, 2008, Indian hockey that had a glorious past to cherish, failed to survive the doomsday and died an unnatural death.

For the first time since 1928, India failed to secure an Olympic berth, when they went down tamely to Great Britain in the Olympic Hockey qualifier final. Now how many people really believe that hockey is India's national game?

4. Cash-for-Vote Scam

horse trading and corruption level reached a new high, as BJP MPs showed bundles of notes allegedly offered to them as bribe for trust vote.

It was 'Death of Democracy' for me. How many times this opposition party has tried to throw the government and every time they fail. This was the height though!

5. River Kosi changed its course

Nearly 15 lakh people marooned in 15 districts in flood-hit Bihar, after river Kosi changed its course after 300 years.

Over 200 people died and millions rendered homeless. The impact of the floods was so severe that Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh declared the Bihar floods as a "National Calamity".

6. India @ Olympics

This was India's best ever performance @ the Olympics so far! Abhinav Bindra won the first-ever individual gold medal for the country in Olympic Games. He won the gold medal at Beijing Olympics in the 10m Air Rifle event.

Sushil Kumar won a bronze medal in 66kg Freestyle Wrestling, while Vijender Kumar won a bronze medal in the 75kg Middleweight category boxing. For the first time in Olympic history, India returned with three individual medals. I hope this would make more and more people to take interest in sports in India.

7. Chandrayaan I

On October 22, 2008, India made history by sending its first-ever lunar mission to moon.

As the Chandrayaan I took off from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre at Sriharikota, India became the sixth country in the world to send a space mission to moon. Later, the Chandrayaan MIP landed on the surface of the moon with Indian tri-colour painted on its four sides.

8. Sister Alphonsa becomes India's first-ever Woman Saint

Sister Alphonsa, a nun from Kottayam, Kerala became the first-ever woman saint from India today.

She is the second from Indian Roman Catholic church to get canonised. On the previous occasion, half-Indian St. Goncalo Garcia, who died in Japan, was conferred the sainthood.

9. The Big Deal

India and the USA signed the historic 123 Agreement in Washington.

The US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and India's External Affairs minister Pranab Mukherjee signed the agreement. With this the operationalisation of the Indo-US nuclear deal formally began.

The Indo-US nuclear deal ended India's nuclear isolation. The main goal of the Indo-US nuclear deal is to enhance civil nuclear cooperation and trade between India and the US.

10. Mumbai Terror Attacks - 26/11

The country was united after these attacks. I have never seen the common man coming out on the streets and having a say to the eunuchs in the Government system.

Although the year 2008 witnessed many terror attacks in the country, the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks shook the nation and led to a massive outrage. Until 26/11, the targets of these terrorists were people travelling by trains/buses, but when Hotel Trident Oberoi and Hotel Taj were invaded by terrorists, it changed a lot of things in this country.

The ATS, NSG, Marine Commandos and other policemen fought hard to flush out the terrorists and save Mumbai. n total, 183 people were killed and over 300 were injured.

At least 18 brave policmen and NSG commandso became martyr in the attack. They included former ATS chief Hemant Karkare and NSG Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan. The security personnel killed 9 terrorists, while one terrorist, Ajmal Amir Kasab, a resident of Faridkot, Pakistan, was caught alive.

And as I have been keeping a track of this story, till this moment I only see the Indian ministers just talking and talking and talking. I had enough ... did you?

Courage gone with the wind?

Another month gone ... Another candle light campaign somewhere for those who were killed ... Another talk show on TV discussing about India's security issues ... Another accusation saying the terrorists had put demands ... Another clarification from the home minister ... Another bla bla bla!

Someone please listen to a citizen like me now. I don't want to listen to another accusation or another TV show. Where is the courage of our Indian Govt.? What the .... is going on since 26th of November?

Gaza is under attack by Israel & tell me why it should not be? Give me one good reason. If Israel can ignore the world when it comes to protecting its interests, what the .... is wrong with our Indian Govt.? Will we always be giving proofs about Pakistan's involvement to the whole world? Why we need to? Its our own country & we have every right to protect our country.

Frankly I don't pay taxex to the Govt to watch this mockery. I and I hope many Indians like me want India to handle its matters on its own. My country doesn't need anyone's intervention when it comes to handling terrorism. As I write this post, am also watching our External Affairs Minister saying' "FBI has also provided proofs about Pakistan's involvement and that there is no tangible action by Pakistan."

I want to tell him, "Mr.Minister, they will never take any action. Its we that have to take action. Stop talking and start doing now. Show the world our Courage!"


Wishing all the readers of my Blog a very happy 2009.