Padhai karo aur maro! (पढाई करो और मरो!)

Just a while back I was reading a news article about an IIT student committing suicide after failing to get a job!

So I thought to myself, "अब एही होना बाकि रह गया था!". I mean ... can anyone understand what levels of stress the students are these days. Does anyone care? I was more shocked when I read that in last four years 7 IIT students ended their lives due to mental stress. What do these figures tell you?

Well, I remember myself going to school in the village, in my early years, with a couple of note books. Nothing else mattered. After a few years, when our family moved to a town, I noticed the weight of the bag that my younger brother was carrying to his school. I can see the difference then and I realize it now. His bag used to weigh about 3-4 KGs & if you compare that to my bag at the same age, any fool can make out the difference.

Why have we become like this? I don't see any difference in the education I got at the village and my younger brother got in the town at the same age. Then why the difference in the weight of the school bags? I was thinking about the same when I read this news article today.

Our education system is really weird. I know that Indian education system is hailed as one of the best in the world. I have seen the Japanese sending their schools to Indian schools! But then, I have one small challenge. Give me 20 guys from the IITs and ask them to repair a broken hand pump, which is used to get water, in any of the villages. How many of them will be able to repair it? Think! Is the education we get really useful for our day-to-day activities as well?

I also see people really worried, shaken and traumatized by the % their children get in class Xth or XIIth. Its like a rat race. In fact, now a days, getting 90% will not make any good to your children as students are getting almost 100% in the exams. Which direction are we heading?

If you are asked to always be 100% in what ever you do, you will realize the mental stress it causes. Do the parents bother about the same for their children? Do they know what kind of stress their children are having cause of continuous pressure to outperform others? I got so many questions.

Sadly am not intelligent, so I don't know the answers to these questions. So if you know, please feel to post it here so that the readers can benefit.