Students can get the most out of Google Docs now!

I wish when I was studying, internet was the "in" thing and I wish I could have benefited from these new age tools available on internet these days. Now that I wasn't, I think its my duty to let the students know a few things which can benefit them in their studies. Yes! Internet and Studies go hand in hand today only if students show some interest in "right" things. You know what I mean!!!

Google doc has incorporated a new feture in its offering. The feature, available under the “Insert” menu, allows you to type in full, clean equations for everything from your standard high school physics to my favorite, mutlivariable calculus!

Google Docs also highlighted its addition of subscript and superscript formatting so that you can add in simple exponents and label variables.

It’s easy to see why this feature could be huge for students. A group of friends could collaborate on notes via a Google Doc, making sure that they don’t miss any of the important lecture notes. Equations in Google Docs are also simply cleaner to look at.

So I believe, if you're a student and reading this, please pass it on to your friends. If you're a parent, do let your children know about this.

If you're a politician, please stay away from this post. Well the last one was a bad joke -:)) But I know one thing that politicians can do wonders if they're changed regularly like diapers!!!

Pic of the week

Palatial soccer

Afghan men play soccer in front of the bombed-out old royal palace in Kabul, Afghanistan, on Sept. 23. The palace was designed by a French architect and built in 1923 by King Amanullah.

Harishchandrachi Factory

Marathi film "Harishchandrachi Factory", by theatre-veteran Paresh Mokashi has been selected as India's official entry to this year's
Oscars in the Foreign Film Category.

"Harishachandrachi Factory" is the second Marathi film after "Shwaas" in 2004 to be selected as India's official entry to the Oscars. The two-hour-long film depicts the struggle of Dadasaheb Phalke, the father of Indian cinema, to make 'Raja Harishchandra' in 1913, India's first feature film.

Though India has seen lot of great films going for the Oscars like Rang De Basanti, we have never made it to the stage where they say - "And the Oscar goes to ......!" I sincerely hope that this time around things will be different and that we will bring home one more Oscar (after AR made us proud last year) for the best film in Foreign Language category!

Cheers to the team of HFC and I wish them all the best for the Oscars. If Mr.Paresh Mokashi & his team need any help in promoting the film across Social Web, I am there for them anytime!

Pic of the week

A Canadian army medic examines one of eight children brought to a forward operating base after they fell gravely ill from eating explosive powder at a home in the Panjwai district of Afghanistan's Kandahar province on Sept. 12. Roadside bombs made from homemade explosives are the leading killers of foreign troops in Afghanistan.

Keep on walking

"Oz envoy calls attack on Indians as street crime", "Obama Offers Ways to Rate Efforts in Afghan Region", "Tamiflu at retail outlets from today", "H1N1 patients flock to govt hospitals, avoid pvt ones", "Cong disapproves Tharoor's remark on economy class travel" ... These are some of the headlines appearing in newspapers today!

Don't you think the world can be a better place to live in? What if the headlines were, "Borders of all the countries now open", "You don't need Visa to travel to any country in the world", "School kids of the universe to get education free", "No child will sleep hungry from today" ...

Well, this is my dream and they say dreams come true if you act accordingly. I am nobody and there are almost 7 billion people on the world. So the challenge is, to make people think in this direction. Again this is even a bigger challenge 'cause after you're done reading this post, you're gonna forget about this in the next few minutes (or seconds) and this post will be just another post in the virtual world.

So, I keep on dreaming about things that are dearer to me and you keep on walking in life!

Facebook Goes Back To Basics

Thin is in at Facebook. It introduced an alternate front door for the social network called "Facebook Lite," a slimmed-down version of the site, optimized for those with slower Internet connections. Facebook Lite features a serious design revamp and is available only to users based in the U.S. and in India.

Facebook Lite brings a simplified, faster-loading experience in comparison to the traditional site. Part of the new Facebook Lite design, the news feed includes a simple top toolbar and buttons for posting status updates and media uploads. Facebook Lite can be accessed by visiting

The profile page on Facebook Lite removes many of the bells and whistles from the traditional version and keeps only the basics: your wall, info, friends, and photos and videos. The status and sharing interface is unchanged; however, you can't view wall-to-wall posts or invite friends to an event.

The most notable omissions from the new Facebook Lite interface are the third-party applications. Only a handful of Facebook's own applications are available, so that you can get a reasonable experience from the site. Other changes include birthdays and contacts moved at the top of the feed and real-time updates at the bottom of the page.

Facebook Lite was initially available as a beta test with a limited number of users in August. It is yet unknown when or whether the Facebook Lite interface will be available to users outside the U.S. and India.

The introduction of Facebook Lite is widely seen as stab at Twitter's simple interface, which is focused more on messaging and status sharing in real time. To better compete with Twitter's surge in popularity, Facebook has already introduced real-time updates to the news feed and acquired rival FriendFeed.

Ref. PC World

How to track twitter trends?

New web service TweetMixx is a bit like TweetMeme meets saved Twitter searches meets a web-based Twitter client. It allows you to follow your favorite topics, not just people, and attempts to help cull the best tweets from people you don’t and may not even want to follow.

Pic of the week

Picture of the week!

Nuns chant before a mass prayer session for victims of Typhoon Morakot led by the Dalai Lama in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

The Unique World Blog!

I know that blogging is fun for some and boring activity for others! After all, your personal blog is a playground for your emotions. You can let go of your emotions when you blog.

Now consider this, you being a part of a blog which is authored by people all over the world! Won't it be fun? Don't you think we should move away from regions, religions, boundaries - which are all man made constraints for selfish gains?

Well, if you think that you are a world citizen and believe in humanity, there is a place in the virtual world for you! You can share your views, thoughts about anything that matters to you and humanity. There is a place which is far beyond your imagination, where people across boundaries and different cultures share their thoughts and YOU can be part of this.

If you can imagine the way John Lennon did, you can be part of this beautiful journey. Just check out 'The Unique World Blog' for more details. You will feel happier when you see the humble blog grows bigger & we do out bit to unite the world ...

If this interests you, get in touch with me and start blogging today!