Day 1: Five killed and 50 injured!

What a great start to the new year for Indian people! What the ....?

I am not amused by the serial blasts in Guwahati, Assam as i have full confidence in the incompetent security agencies of our country. It seems after all those blasts in 2008, our Indian Govt. hasn't learned a single lesson.

Here is what our new home minister has to say. "“Assam Police knew of the person, name, face and family and had nearly got him, but he escaped…it was just that little bit of luck,”. So this means, you should be lucky enough to be alive in India. You should start blaming the luck of the people who have died in the blasts till date in India! Wow, Mr.Minister, I never knew that luck plays that important role in survival of a human life. You have opened my eyes!

Now that Day 1 has started on a loosing note for the Indian Govt. let's see how we do in the remaining 364 days of 2009!

Someone bless my countrymen ... Please!