We live in a corrupt system!

Yes! and we don't need to prove this to anyone in the world. We are the most corrupt system in the world!

“What more should we do to prove ourselves? Do we have to plead for recognition?" These are words of Olympic bronze medallist wrestler Sushil Kumar after being ignored for the prestigious Padma awards. Well, I would like to tell him - You're not the only one. We are part of a very corrupt system. We are surrounded by so many corrupt souls who can not see you progress...Who can not see you growing faster and achieving more than them...Who at the very thought of being losing out do all the bad things for you!

Its an irony that we have also got ignorant about it now. We just hear it and forget it. If a person fights for people, there is no one who can fight for him at the end. Think of people like Sushil Kumar and Vijendar. For god's sake, these guys among 1.2 Billion who got us pride at the Olympics. And what they got in the end was ... complete ignorance from the Govt of India. What the ....?

If these people don't deserve to be recognized, someone please tell me who deserves it???