Just 'DO IT'!

Its 52 days now! Mumbai was attacked on 26/11 and since then we are just waiting ... waiting for Pakistan to react ... waiting for the international community to support us!

What the ....? Come on India, we know that Pakistan is not the country which will do something for the 'non-state' actors present there. Don't expect a bed of roses from Pakistan in reply to the dossier that India sent regarding the evidences about Pakistani non-state actors' involvement in the Mumabi attacks.

Are we nuts? Can't we understand that Pakistan will never react based on our previous experience? Don't we know that there is not rule along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border and that all the 'non-state' actors reside there? Don't we know that the guy called 'Maulana Masood Azhar' was traded for the release of the Indian hostages in December 1999? Don't we know that he is enjoying his stay in Pakistan?

Its time we just do it! For the sake of our countries self respect ... for the sake of every common Indian man who pays taxes so that the Government protects him ...

If we wait the next 7 days ... for Pakistan's reply on the dossier of evidences sent ... It will be adding another figure of 7 to the existing 52! It will be 59 on 20th Jan and we will get the reply as - "India had provided some information regarding the Mumbai attacks. Its not evidence!"

Get over this India ... we need to ... every Indian is waiting for this and so is Baba Tiratzo!