PEARL: A Leadership Model by Baba

I am working on a model of leadership called "PEARL". A 'PEARL' is a thing considered to be valuable or beautiful. My model of leadership comprises of 5 valuable components, which in some way or other are valuable as well as beautiful.

The five components of this model are described briefly below.

People: Every leader in today's word need to have 'People Centric Approach' in his actions. A leader can't go alone with his goals and need to have the 'people vision' to drive and achieve the goals. Any of your technologies, products or for that matter structures can be copied by your competitors. No one, however, can match your highly charged, motivated people who care.

Empowering: Enabling people to work with you is very important and without empowerment, you can't have some of the things done as you want them to be done. People are any organization's most underutilized resources. In today's era, independent entrepreneurship and initiative is needed throughout the ranks of any organization. If a leader is able to empower his employees, he is definitely bound to have success written all over.

Audacity: We all know that price of failure is high. So when the leader shows audacity in his actions, the stakes are quite high, but then so are the rewards! Creative risk taking is very important for any leader. Thoughtless caution is far more dangerous than thoughtless risk.

Reliable: Trust is a vital ingredient in organizations since they represent a type of ongoing relationship. Of course one of our IBM values is "Trust & Responsibility in every relationship"! A leader should be dependable and when I say dependable it means people in the organization should trust the leader's actions. The leader should be able to build personal and organizational trust amon the people he works with. Trust is bound to motivate people in the organization.

Luminous: A leader should always lead by example. His acts should shine and it should make others to take notice of his actions. A luminous leader is noticed by all the people around and people love to follow the actions of such leaders. Luminous leaders make greatness look like it had to happen as its a routine for them.