Why are we waiting?

Its official ... Pakistan official agencies behind Mumbai attack - says the Indian Prime Minister. The PM also said that the November 26 Mumbai attacks were clearly carried out by the Pakistan-based outfit Lashkar-e-Taiba. He added the Mumbai attack must have had support from some official agencies in Pakistan.

What next? Another convoy to the United States? Another meet of all the Chief Ministers? Another dossier of evidence to China? Another talk show with some historians and security experts?

Come on India, its show time now! Enough of these talks and evidences. We don't need to prove to anyone that we are right 'cause we have suffered a lot till this day. Its time that we start taking action against all these terror-pro countries.

Everyone knows that Pakistan is a safe haven for terrorists and a sanctuary for terrorist forces. Why we need to prove this to the wolrd?

What the ....?