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Chelsea Rules!!!

John Terry, Frank Lampard & Petr Cech collecting awards at the UEFA Champions League Draw at the Grimaldi Center in Monte Carlo, Monaco.

अब कभी भी नहीं ...

अब कभी भी नहीं ... बहोत हो गया यह सब ... हर बार लाशे गिनकर थक गया हु मैं ... अब कभी नहीं ... टीवी वालों की बकबक से थक गया हु मैं ... वोही वोही तस्वीरे देख कर पाक गया हु मैं ... अब कभी नहीं ... नेताओ के खोकले आश्वासन अब नहीं ... अब कभी नहीं ... भारतीय हु मैं ... हमेशा रहूँगा ... मुजे भाषा के नाम पर मत बाटों ... अब कभी नहीं ... क्यों हुआ ... कब हुआ ... बहोत देखा और सुना मैंने ... अब कभी नहीं ... करोड़ों रुपये लगा दिए ... एक आतंकी की सुरक्षा के लिए ... थोड़े मुझ गरीब के लिए भी दो ... टैक्स भरता हु मैं ... अब कभी नहीं!

इन कुत्तों से तो अच्छा है ... वोह लोग ... जो चोरी करते है ... किसी का घर तो नहीं उजाड़ते ... अब कभी नहीं ... बहोत दिन गुजार दिए ... हालात सुधरने की आशा में ... अब कभी नहीं ... मंदिर-मस्जिद बहोत देखे जलते हुए ... इस कुत्तों को बहोत देखा मुझ पर हसते हुए ... अब कभी नहीं ...

या तो इन को ख़त्म कर दो ... या मुझे उठा लो ... पर अब नहीं ... अब कभी भी नहीं!

- ढोलिबाबा

Indian CIOs more progressive than global counterparts

Indian chief information officers (CIOs) appear to be more progressive as compared with their global counterparts and are looking to ‘make innovation real’ and ‘expand business impact’ for their respective organisations.

A reasearch by IBM, based on a survey of 100 Indian CIOs, found that 70 per cent of Indian CIOs are integrating business and technology to promote innovation for their respective organisations, as compared to 47 per cent of the global CIOs. Almost 64 per cent of Indian CIOs proactively push information technology (IT) as an innovation element compared with 55 per cent of global CIOs.

Also, over 70 per cent of Indian CIOs are expecting to explore newer channels for end-customer interactions and are anticipating greater levels of integration and transparency with customers within the next five years, compared with 56-64 per cent CIOs globally.

For the Indian CIOs, the three most important areas to focus for future are business intelligence and analytics, risk mitigation and governance, and virtualisation. Where as, business model change, technological factors and security factors are the key challenges. The other worries include globalisation, regulatory concerns, internal customers, budgets and people skills.

The study defines a successful CIO as the one who blends three pairs of roles — visionary and pragmatist, value creator and cost cutter, and business leader and IT manager.

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Monument of love

A stray dog pauses on a sand bank of the Yamuna River as the sun is seen rising over the Taj Mahal in Agra, India, on Nov. 18. The white-marble monument to love was built by the Mogul Emperor Shah Jahan between 1632 and 1654 for his favorite wife, Mumtaz Mahal. The monument hosts 3 million visitors a year.

We had warned!

History says, "Thou should listen to her!".

We had warned about Indian Government's preparedness to tackle Swine Flu way back in one of the post "India & Swine Flu!". We did what we as an alert citizen of this country can do but seems like no one is bothered (Why should they? No one cared since last 63 years!).

Today the death toll due to the Influenza A (H1N1) virus has reached to 530! (Remember ... India lost 527 soldiers in the Kargil war against Pakistan!) Not a big number huh? After all the cost of human life is very cheap in India. No one cares if some one is dying by roadside due to an accident, NO ONE! Life is cheap guys ... and very cheap in India for sure. If you visit any of the Government run hospitals, you'll come to know. I wonder how many of our MLAs or MPs treat their near and dear ones in Government run hospitals. I bet, you'll find none! Why is it so? Have you ever tried to ask anyone or for that matter to yourself? Well the answer is NO. We are so F***** up with our own lives that we have forgot that there is a society around us which is in need of these basic amenities which we are having (you can say 'privileged' to have!).

Having said so, we always try to educate people in India through our posts here and we did the same in case of Swine Flu as well. Just try to Google "Swine Flu Test Centers across India" and you'll see the results. Not a single Government agency site shows up in the first five results (or so it was when I did this last time).

You also need to look back to some of the articles we posted way back titled "Know Swine Flu" and "Swine Flu Test Centers in India".

"Till date, samples from 80,327 people have been tested for Influenza A (H1N1) in government laboratories and a few private laboratories across the country, and 15,726 of them have been found positive," said a statement issued by the Government of India.

With the winter arriving in India, just hope and pray that the second wave of this flu doesn't hit us badly. After all ... you know how well (ill) prepared the Government is to tackle this for its countrymen!!!

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Water on four sides

An aerial view on Nov. 8 of a piece of land with cows and vehicles surrounded by floodwaters at the village of Jeram Perdas in Rantau Panjang, northern Malaysia. Hundreds of villagers were evacuated due to monsoon floods.

Just came back home after watching the movie '2012'. I hope it's not turning true!!!

7 Most inspiring videos on the web

Below is a list of 7 of the most of the inspiring videos on the web. I came across this list at one of the social networking blogs. Watching these men and women really makes you feel that YOU can make the difference!

1. William Kamkwamba: Harnessing the Wind

William Kamkwamba was 14 when he built a windmill from scrap parts in order to provide enough electricity to power 4 lightbulbs and 2 radios in his home in his tiny village in Malawi.

2. Jason McElwain: Autistic Basketball Player

Autistic basketball player Jason McElwain spent most of his high school career cheering his team on from the bench as team manager — until the final 4 minutes of his final game as a senior. McElwain didn’t waste any of his opportunity to get in the game, pouring in 7 shots and finishing the game as high scorer.

3. Cat Lainé: Empowering Local Communities

Cat Lainé, who is the Deputy Director at the Appropriate Infrastructure Development Group, talked at the BIF-4 conference last year about how she and her colleagues empower communities in developing nations to change from within. Lainé believes in using human capital already within local economies to solve problems and develop solutions that work locally.

4. Blake Mycoski: Creating Sustainable Charity

Blake Mycoski didn’t just want to start a charity to put shoes on the feet of children who needed them — he wanted to do something more sustainable, something that didn’t rely on asking for donations. So Mycoski started TOMS Shoes, a for-profit company that gives one pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair they sell.

5. Geoffrey Canada: Closing the Achievement Gap

According to Geoffrey Canada the American school system is broken when it comes to teaching children in inner-city schools, and most people wouldn’t disagree with him. But Canada’s inspiring approach to fixing the problem is something that no one before him had tried — a complete overhaul of the social infrastructure. Canada created a “conveyor belt” in a Harlem neighborhood that touches the lives of children and their families from birth through college.

Geoffrey Canada at Gel 2006 from Gel Conference on Vimeo.

6. Ben Underwood: Seeing While Blind

Ben Underwood was blind, but while he was alive, he got around almost as well as people who can see, and even played video games with his friends. That’s because he had done something that’s very unusual: Ben Underwood taught himself how to echolocate. Underwood trained his ears to listen for the echoes that tongue-clicking sounds that he produced made as they bounced back off of objects. He then processed that information to figure out where physical objects lie around him.

7. Lewis Gordon Pugh: Utilizing Extremes

Lewis Gordon Pugh has swum in every ocean in the world, and was the first person to swim at the North Pole, where the waters are below zero degrees centigrade (which is the freezing point for fresh water). Pugh uses his extreme swimming feats to shed light on issues of worldwide importance such as global warming.


Disgusting ... shameful ... filthy ... rubbish ... unbelievable ... @#$%!!!

Well I don't have words today, to express myself here. What a shame! A common man like me has ran out of words. The politicians in India have reached a new HIGH today by insulting the national language and by insulting the word 'Democracy'.

Some people in this country don't respect the national language. My advice to them is to leave the country for good then. May be they can join the neighbors who are focussed to divide this beautiful country.

Out country is on the threshold of being divided by these kind of elements and it's time we stand united. United against these ^#@#&@&# politicians ... who for power can go to any limits. Who's ruling the country? Is desh mein kisaka 'Raj' hai? These hooligans are ruling the country. They are ruling educated people like you reading this blog and those who can't read!

Law must take action. If action isn’t taken then this will be the beginning of breaking the peace of this diverse country!

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Reliving History
Russian servicemen wearing historical uniforms rehearse on Red Square in Moscow in preparation for a parade on November 7 to mark the anniversary of the day in 1941 when Soviet soldiers marched through Red Square en route to the front lines of World War II.

Death of a common man ...

Indian common man keeps on being neglected and ignored all the time. This is not something new I am saying here but we are so used to this that, you might say - "What the ....?"

Some days back our Prime Minister visited a hospital in Chandigarh city for some convocation ceremony. But someone's ceremony was someone's nightmare on that fateful day.

Sumit Prakash Verma, 32, who was suffering from renal failure and other complications, allegedly died Tuesday outside the Post-Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER) here because the security measures for the prime minister's visit barred entry to the hospital. Tight security measures were in place and some roads and parking areas were blocked by the police during the prime minister's six-hour visit to the city, where he owns a house and has worked five decades ago.

The prime minister was telling PGIMER faculty and doctors during the institute's 30th convocation to reach out to the common person. I wish the people listening to him would not have been needed to tell this as they all call doctors profession a 'noble profession'.

I fully understand that he represents the country and that his security is very very important. But, for me life of each and every citizen of India is as important, no matter if he/she is a VVIP or a common man walking by the street. Once upon a time it was being said that "In a communist country, every one is equal and the communist leaders are more than equal". In the Indian democracy, the leaders have freedom to prevent others freedom, even if it results in someone`s death. The ethics of governance, and the character of the Indian politics has deteriorated so much that even leaders like Dr.Manmohan do not command the same level of respect that once upon a time they did. Each Indian is responsible for this individual`s death. As in the last 62 years in the name of tolerance, we have sacrificed our patriotism and surrendered the nation to the goons in every form and position.

But come on Indians ... What the ....? Who cares!!! We are enjoying this as much as you enjoyed reading this sad but true state of the nation!