Courage gone with the wind?

Another month gone ... Another candle light campaign somewhere for those who were killed ... Another talk show on TV discussing about India's security issues ... Another accusation saying the terrorists had put demands ... Another clarification from the home minister ... Another bla bla bla!

Someone please listen to a citizen like me now. I don't want to listen to another accusation or another TV show. Where is the courage of our Indian Govt.? What the .... is going on since 26th of November?

Gaza is under attack by Israel & tell me why it should not be? Give me one good reason. If Israel can ignore the world when it comes to protecting its interests, what the .... is wrong with our Indian Govt.? Will we always be giving proofs about Pakistan's involvement to the whole world? Why we need to? Its our own country & we have every right to protect our country.

Frankly I don't pay taxex to the Govt to watch this mockery. I and I hope many Indians like me want India to handle its matters on its own. My country doesn't need anyone's intervention when it comes to handling terrorism. As I write this post, am also watching our External Affairs Minister saying' "FBI has also provided proofs about Pakistan's involvement and that there is no tangible action by Pakistan."

I want to tell him, "Mr.Minister, they will never take any action. Its we that have to take action. Stop talking and start doing now. Show the world our Courage!"


Wishing all the readers of my Blog a very happy 2009.