One last time ...

Ok! This is the last time I am going to write on this topic. I don't want to give unnecessary publicity to cheap politicians through my blog. It's not the purpose of this blog. I want the people to be aware of everything around them. It's their own duty to form/have a opinion.

Now I heard that a businessman is the newest target of the cheap politicians who want to divide the country. What the ....?

Mumbai can be a global city as well as a Parsi, Gujarati or Marathi city but what it cannot and should be is an exclusionary city. That is what these buggers want and that is why this needs to be opposed. The campaign of these cheap politicians is founded on the bedrock of violence, intimidation and coercion. Who has given these people the right to speak for Marathi pride? Considering the poor performance in elections(Yes! We are a democratic country!), these cheap people cannot even claim popular support. So what the .... they think of themselves?

I again and again hear that number '105'. With due respect to this number & the people who lost their lives, does anyone know how many people lost their lives for the freedom of my motherland 'INDIA'? And trust me, those who lost it for 'INDIA' were fighting for every Indian and not just a few states/cities/towns!!!

What if people of India stop buying goods, products and services made in Maharashtra? The Financial capital of India will be on its Knees. In this era when the political experience can be used to lead the state and country towards globalization and development, these cheap guys are squandering it to do vice versa by their extremist views. Views which are resulting in the confinement of people and hence evading progress.

Yes its absolutely not wrong to love ones birthplace, but to spread the fumes of disharmony in its shadow is a crime - one which needs to be punished.

Lets focus on the “Indian issue” so that our nationality remains intact without the integrity getting hampered. India needs us to be united to be a economic superpower and only WE can do it by staying TOGETHER in harmony.

Pic of the week

Desperate for aid

Residents of Cite Soleil, a Haitian shantytown, try to enter the police station where an aid distribution point has been set up on Jan. 26. Aid officials and donor nations say quake-hit Haiti will need at least a decade of painstaking reconstruction.

Do journalists help in disasters?

To help or not! .... That's the big questions media people have when they are capturing disasters with their cameras and crews. Not so long ago, I posted an article of journalists' apathy towards a dying cop in southern part of India.

Today, the same is happening in Haiti. People are lying there ... wounded ... hurt ... hungry ... desperate for survival and then we see all these international crews, with their fancy gears ... capturing every moment. Now I ask you all a question and of course I know it's debatable for sure - "Do journalists need to help first rather than capturing a dying child?"

You will have your own views and I have mine! I was born to be a 'human' and with that characteristic, I believe, it's more important to save someone rather than telling the world how that someone died!

It's your call but if you're not a journalist and see someone in dire need of help, please make sure that you go ahead and help the person in need. Some years back, one of my close friends lost his brother in law - just because he was hit by an unknown vehicle on a highway, late into the night and no one helped him at all. He was lying in a pool of blood till dawn and if someone had helped him, he would have been with us. I knew that person very well and I know, what it means to lose someone.

Rest is all your decision. It's my thought and I am happy that I think like this. If you don't like it ... What the ....?

Pic of the week

Struggle for survival

A young woman carries a bag that she found, Jan. 20, on the roof of a building overlooking Port-au-Prince. More than a week after the 7.0-magnitude earthquake flattened much of Port-au-Prince, some residents helped themselves to whatever they could find to survive.

Leave us alone please!

One of the political party says it won’t allow Australian players to play in Maharashtra in the backdrop of attacks on Indians in Australia.

One of the leaders of this so called 'Care Takers of Maharashtra State' said "No Australian players will be allowed to play in Maharashtra till the attacks are stopped on Indians".

He also went on to say "Our boys are being stabbed, burnt and shot at in that country and still our cricketers have no qualms in playing with them. Do they have any national pride?"

Look who's talking here!!! It's so hilarious to see these kind of words from the people who beat their own countrymen & poor people who work in Maharashtra! I couldn't stop laughing at this fellow's words cause the one who doesn't care about his countrymen in his own country have no rights to talk something like this. Not at all! It's time people start to learn that the politicians are 'Legal Mafia' in India and that we the people should be really see that these kind of people are completely ignored from all fronts. It's not worth paying heed to any of their words as those words will be to divide us based on religion & region.

India is a diverse country and everyone has equal rights here. If someone has a problem with that, he/she should travel to neighboring country. But please leave us alone! We Indians know what is good and bad for us and our country. We ain't need any preaching ... not from these 'Care Takers' at least!!!

Pic of the week

Rank and file

Angolan fans take part in the opening ceremony of the Africa Cup of Nations soccer tournament in Luanda on Jan. 10.

जिन्हें नाज़ है हिंद पर वो कहा है ....

Its an irony that India is in such a state today. I wonder about this person called "Guru Dutt". He was a great thinker and if the country talks (well no political party is bothered about it any more) about 'Unemployment' in 2009 or 2010, imagine this person talking about the same in the year 1956-57!

He had a great vision and the below song from one of his greatest movies "Pyaasa" talks about the state of the nation some 55 years ago. Trust me, this song applies to 2010 as well!!!

I just love this song and can't get over it every time I listen to it.

Pic of the week

Ringing in the new year
A couple kiss during New Year's celebrations in New York's Times Square on Jan. 1.

Ministers or butchers???

In a shocking incident to which two state ministers were witness, a police sub-inspector was attacked with bombs and hacked to death by a group of assailants at Alwarkurichi in Tirunelveli district on Thursday. Police said the SI was a victim of mistaken identity and that the assailtants were after another officer.

Thursday’s incident happened near the Alwarkurichi bridge, minutes before the convoy of health minister MRK Panneerselvam and environment minister TPM Mohideen Khan reached the spot.

This is the state of our nation. The one who are 'Public Servants' are watching the people literally die in front of their eyes. I watched the incident on TV and was shocked to see the apathy of the people present at that spot. Not to mention, I was also not very happy with the fact that the press i.e. the cameraman who was shooting that incident just did shoot the incident instead of helping the policeman lying in a pool of blood.

How inhuman can someone be? This is one example. I guess butchers are far better than these so called keepers of the law. Everyone should be ashamed of this incident and the ones who watched should just put think by putting their own son/daughter in place of the inspector who was literally pleading for help while all these people were watching him die.

If this is democracy, I don't need it. If these are the law makers and keepers of the society, I don't need them. I am better off with people like these who should be punished. If helping a murder in anyway is a crime, watching someone die in front of your eyes - when you can help, is much bigger a crime to me.

I wish someday these people who were watching this policeman die, be on the other side of the view. Then they will understand the importance of human life.

I just hope though cause what ever I say ... doesn't matter so what the ...?