Quit Corruption Movement

Today we celebrate yet another Independence Day! We Indians take pride in being citizens of a free country but think again. Are we really free?

"If only we had foreseen the recent developments, probably we might have not fought for the nation’s independence from the British government!"

These are words of a freedom fighter and I read these in one of the columns today. What a shame for myself and my country! We all know it is there, we all know it's the reason for India's debacle in many fields and we all know it's because of us ... still it is there and spreading like a virus all across.

Now is the time to fight back hard. Fight for a India free of corruption. YOU can make it happen. Don't wait for anyone else to clean your house. It's your duty. If you take pride in being an Indian, be one by saying NO to corruption from today. Things will work without corruption. You will have to struggle a bit in the beginning but then, we didn't get Freedom for FREE! So many people laid their lives for this country. Can't you just do one simple thing by saying NO to corruption?

Think and join the 'Quit Corruption Movement'! You can join us at Facebook as well. just click here to be a part of 'Quit Corruption Movement'.

"Today at midnight, when most of the Indians are sleeping, I am awake to life and freedom in true sense for my country. I take the pledge of making my nation free from corruption. I may be a fool and loner but I know with time, I will have some more fools joining me."  - DholiBaba