Epic is really Epic!!! (First browser with an Indian Origin)

Welcome to the new Indian way of browsing the web!

Bangalore based startup Hidden Reflex has announced the launch of its browser "Epic", which aims at making Indians all over the world proud. Epic, which also happens to be the first entirely Indian made web browser, is based on the Mozilla platform and comes with quite a bunch of India centric features.

Epic is highly customizable. I just tried a few things there and they all worked! Not to mention, the best part, which I liked was the YouTube video search. Its amazingly fast!

Epic also comes with anti-virus protection built-in - a first for any browser. It also supports a long list of Indian languages (currently 12) and an India content sidebar that aggregates news headlines, TV to live cricket commentary and other things that matters to us Indians. It also features a bunch of productivity applications that include a free word processor, video sidebar and my Computer Browser.

The Epic browser is now available for download from