वैसा भी होता है - पार्ट २

Don't be surprised by the title. सच में वैसा भी होता है! Part 2 is for my second epic with the passport office. यह फेविकोल का जोड़ है ... टूटेगा नहीं! Looks like me and the passport office in New Delhi are very fond of each other.

So you must remember that sometime ago I posted about my 2nd experience with this superb office with respect to passport of my son. Just wanted to update that the Government of India has not let me down in my expectations and that my repeated mails to the so called 'Grievance Cell' and 'Complaints Officer' have been in vain! 

I am not surprised and neither should be they. After all, its just another Indian Government Office and we are used to this. You have paid bribe so many times to these people that it has become near to impossible for guy like me to get my work done in this 'system'. Am not made up for the system and thats my failure. 

My detailed mails to the so called officers must have reached their destinations by now - TRASH! But am not gonna stop here. Next week, when time permits, I will be visiting the Regional Passport Officer. I am not sure what that will result in but can't help it. 

"There can't be any revolution without violence!"