वाह रे अमरीका! (A 'Dot-Heads' perspective)

Disclaimer: I am not a racist and my religion is humanity. This article is just an eye opener for people who do not respect India and Indians.

Sometime you are forced to have an opinion. This article is a byproduct of all the rage that's going on for some fool’s post about ‘Indians’ and their way of life. Me being a proud Indian, I can’t hold my hands and watch but am literally forced to write some of my views about Uncle Sam’s country. I don’t know whether the person (I don’t want to make him any more famous, so not taking his name here) who wrote that article has visited India in this life, but I have been to अमरीका and have my own experience of seeing their way they live.

Enter अमरीका ! A country discovered by mistake by a guy called Christopher Columbus who was attracted by India's wealth & had come looking for a sea route to India. He got lost and discovered … अमरीका!!!

I was there …. In अमरीका  … New country, new people and new airport! Yes, let’s start from the airport. Where on earth you pay for the baggage trolley? Yes! You do. I did at the Philadelphia airport. Materialistic start to the new journey called अमरीका . Please come to India, we don’t charge for the trolley here, it’s for free!

I wanted to rent an apartment when I was there. It’s a simple thing, mind you! Or is it? Well, enter a country where you have to have a credit history for everything else in the world. So when I went to rent an apartment, I wasn’t given one, until I made sure that I have to pay ‘some’ money as ‘security’. Not that we don’t pay security amount in India when renting a house, but then that amount is quite paltry. In my country, you can even get an apartment without paying a huge amount of security deposit, even if you are a foreigner. If its अमरीका, it has to be money … honey!

Festivals! Visit India and you will realize what we mean by a festival. I was lucky (read unlucky) enough to be in अमरीका during Christmas & trust me, that was the one of the so many boring days I spent in that country. For God’s sake, someone from that country should visit India on Christmas. We do celebrate it with much fanfare than what I experiences there. The streets were deserted (may be people were in their homes), the stars and lights were ON but the people were OFF!  Come on, you really should visit my country when we are celebrating Diwali or for that matter Christmas. We celebrate each festival with passion and that can only be experienced when you’re here.

Did I say anything about my experience with buying a car and getting a driver’s license?  I will not, you better ask that to some Indians staying in अमरीका. Dude, no Social Security Number, no car and I had to stay without a car for 2 months because that bloody SSN took place about 2 months to reach my door steps. I will not talk about my experience of walking miles to get to the grocery shop (call it a mall it whatever) in heavy snowfall – all ‘cause I can’t have a car till I have that coveted SSN!

I used to live nearby a school and I must say, it felts like a circus more than a school to me. I call it ‘iPodistic’ culture. We in India still carry our books to schools and not iPads, well at least not in villages for sure. iPod is good, great … amazing … tell you mama please, not me. If you prefer carrying an iPod instead of your books to school, no wonder, you would be out of your school by 15! Give me a break, I value education and I respect the way it’s valued in my country. Someone saying wrong words about Indians students in अमरीका is not acceptable to Indians … at least me!

When you’re a kid, you’re supposed to play. That's the rule … everywhere in the world I guess. But by play, we ‘Dot-Heads’ mean playing with friends on the playgrounds. PlayStations and Nintendos are not for us, well not when we have loads of friends to share our life and to play with when we are kids. No wonder, I find the अमरीकन kids bit lost … lost in paradise of iPads and iPhones.

A country with immigrants can’t have a culture of its own. So I would not comment further on the cultural aspects of अमरीका. I will not be comfortable … Well; you can talk about such things (culture), when you have one. Right? India is one of the oldest civilizations in the world, spanning a period of more than 4000 years, and witnessing the fusion of several customs and traditions, which are reflective of the rich culture and heritage of the Country.
We 'Dot-Heads' have followed Gods with multiple arms & elephant nose for ages! Now 'some people on earth' get savvy & worship a multi-tentacled oracle Octopus. What a pity … Indians won this race as well, ages before anyone else!

You cannot compare Apples with Oranges. So someone should never try to compare a 'Samosa' with a 'Pizza'. And if you do, do it on your own risk cause you are nuts. I was tired of the "French Fries" that I was served with almost every dish that I ate in अमरीका. Give me break again, humans can survive without those fries. Trust me on this. वाह रे अमरीका! वाह रे तेरा खाना !

I will not talk about अमरीका shielding a person who is responsible and wanted  for 25,000 deaths in Bhopal. I will also not talk about अमरीका not trusting documents sent by Govt of India as a proof of our neighbor's involvement in terrorism but believing a 'Head-ley'. After all, they can believe a 'Head-Ley' but not us 'Dot-Heads'. If there is a firing at LOC, India is blamed and a debate starts on some past!  वाह रे अमरीका! Put in simple words, "तुमने किया तो चमत्कार ... हमने किया तो --------?"

If you just check out the Forbes list of the richest people in the world, don’t be surprised ‘cause you will see a few Indians there.  If you check out the % of employees working for NASA, don’t be surprised because you will again see a good number of Indians there. If you try to Google who invented the ‘ZERO, don't be surprised, it was invented by a an Indian mathematician (Aryabhatta) in India before 400 BC! Well before the iPads and iPhones I must say! Or is 400 BC not enough?

Now to make this list a bit big, check out the list of some of the interesting facts about INDIA.

- India never invaded any country in her last 100000 years of history.
- When many cultures were only nomadic forest dwellers over 5000 years ago, Indians established Harappan culture in Sindhu Valley (Indus Valley Civilization)
- Chess was invented in India.
Algebra, Trigonometry and Calculus are studies, which originated in India.
The 'Place Value System' and the 'Decimal System' were developed in India in 100 B.C.
India is the largest democracy in the world, the 6th largest Country in the world, and one of the most ancient civilizations.
India has the largest number of Post Offices in the world.
The largest employer in the world is the Indian Railways, employing over a million people.
The world's first university was established in Takshila in 700 BC. More than 10,500 students from all over the world studied more than 60 subjects. The University of Nalanda built in the 4th century was one of the greatest achievements of ancient India in the field of education.
Ayurveda is the earliest school of medicine known to mankind. The Father of Medicine, Charaka, consolidated Ayurveda 2500 years ago.
India was one of the richest countries till the time of British rule in the early 17th Century. Christopher Columbus, attracted by India's wealth, had come looking for a sea route to India when he discovered America by mistake.
The Art of Navigation & Navigating was born in the river Sindh over 6000 years ago. The very word Navigation is derived from the Sanskrit word 'NAVGATIH'. The word navy is also derived from the Sanskrit word 'Nou'.
Bhaskaracharya rightly calculated the time taken by the earth to orbit the Sun hundreds of years before the astronomer Smart. According to his calculation, the time taken by the Earth to orbit the Sun was 365.258756484 days.
The value of "pi" was first calculated by the Indian Mathematician Budhayana, and he explained the concept of what is known as the Pythagorean Theorem. He discovered this in the 6th century, long before the European mathematicians.
Until 1896, India was the only source of diamonds in the world.
The Baily Bridge is the highest bridge in the world. It is located in the Ladakh valley between the Dras and Suru rivers in the Himalayan mountains. It was built by the Indian Army in August 1982.
Sushruta is regarded as the Father of Surgery. Over2600 years ago Sushrata & his team conducted complicated surgeries like cataract, artificial limbs, cesareans, fractures, urinary stones, plastic surgery and brain surgeries.
Usage of anaesthesia was well known in ancient Indian medicine. Detailed knowledge of anatomy, embryology, digestion, metabolism,physiology, etiology, genetics and immunity is also found in many ancient Indian texts.
India exports software to 90 countries.
The oldest European church and synagogue in India are in the city of Cochin. They were built in 1503 and 1568 respectively.
Jews and Christians have lived continuously in India since 200 B.C. and 52 A.D. respectively.
The largest religious building in the world is Angkor Wat, a Hindu Temple in Cambodia built at the end of the 11th century.
Varanasi, also known as Benaras, was called "the Ancient City" when Lord Buddha visited it in 500 B.C., and is the oldest, continuously inhabited city in the world today.
Martial Arts were first created in India, and later spread to Asia by Buddhist missionaries.
- Yoga has its origins in India and has existed for over 5,000 years.

Again trust me, these are very few facts which make every Indian proud. If you ask me for more, I would be making this post so long that it will last your life time.

So you please make way for every Indian and respect us 'Dot-Heads'. At least we got heads with brains, what have you got?