कोई भी देश perfect नहीं होता ... पर कोई भी देश इतना भी imperfect नहीं होता!

Its been 26 years since that night of December 3, 1984, when thousands lost their lives. Its so wonderful that we have woken up so soon. Just 26 years late! Hold on ... have we really woken up or we are just trying to show? Question remains unanswered to me.

Instead of showing their support to the victims and standing for their cause, all political parties are heavily into mudslinging (nothing new really) these days. After all, who doesn't want to wash thier hands in 'बहती गंगा '? Indian political leaders are quite good at that for sure. So these days, everytime I turn on the news channel, I see some breaking news related to the tragedy. Sad that these breaking news are 'happening' after 26 years. All these years we were sleeping.

On the other hand, why blame a particular country in being biased with the compensation? Were we sleeping when the same was annouced then? What was the Government (whatever it is) doing with the claims stated? Where were THEY?

Justice for Bhopal Gas Tragedy Victims

I just hope and I mean it ... hope that ordinary Indians do not forget this, do not forget that they have been always exploited by these a** politicians, who can sell their motherland for personal gains.

Its time Indians come forward and not just with mediums like social networking ... but by being part of the political system. I know its not simple but I know that it's not impossible as well. I would be happy to see some of you reading this article (I know only 5 odd people read my blog regulary - I am not ashamed, am happy that there are 5!) standing up and someday filing their nominations for that ward election of the Muncipal Corporation in your city or the assembly election. Who knows, India has its feature leader reading this article - YOU!