Its been a while I have been away from my blog. I have my excuse for it though ;) Its funny how we humans find an excuse to almost everything. We can say that every excuse that has to be invented, has already been

I have been busy with some personal as well as professional stuff lately and its been keeping me away from nonsense writing here :) The weather in Gurgaon is not good for writing as well (what an excuse!).
You all must be tired of the word 'Global warming' but mind it, its @*#&ing hot in this part of the world. As per science, our body can stand a temprature upto 52 degree celcius, so it means we are about
3-4 degrees away from extinction!

Monsoon is soon going to hit India and it will also help me concentrate on my blog ;) May be this time around I will be publishing soom pics of Monsoon in India. By the way I am using my mobile to post @ my blog and I guess its quite cool. I dont have to get out of bed, go to my desk, open my superfast laptop - which takes @*#!ing 15-20 minutes just to start working! So I might use my mobile more often for posting. This way my
mobile will also be happy as I can see that it is tired of posting @ Facebook already!

Be good, Do well and Keep coming back here. There are a very few idiots left on planet earth who keep on Speaking Their Minds!