Attention please!

Yesterday I was reading the post by a well known editor called Rajdeep Sardesai. He was talking about how Maharashtra Govt is celebrating 50 years of formation of state instead of worrying about the farmers who are dying of mass suicides. (On the other hand, I also felt that he was biased. Why can't he ask the same question to the Delhi Government which is spending thousands of crores on the Common Wealth Games and when the whole National Capital Region (NCR) is most of the time in dark due to lack of power supply. I live in NCR and I know how rubbish it is here.)

For a minute, I was shocked ... not because of the farmer's suicides this time but cause this guy called Mr.Sardesai was worried about a state which is always in the news! What do you mean by this Baba Tiratzo? 

Good question and a bad question at the same time. Be it a film release stalled by a 'saffron' party or be it the IPL (Indian Political League), the places which have more attraction are always in the news. I know the TV channels sell what gets attention of more people and more TRPs  ... but ...

Now please be true to yourself and answer this question without taking any help from Google. "What is the total number of states in India?" There is a joke as well which goes like this, "If a kid is asked about the number of states in his exam, he will always be wrong. Why? By the time he is out of the exam room, you will find a new state being announced or people demanding one!"

I am not trying to see how knowledgable you are. Sorry, thats not my intention. But, please understand that there are so many other states which never get any mention in the news. Why???

Now think of the last time you heard any ... I mean it ... literally ANY news about the states Tripura, Sikkim, Manipur, Mizoram or Nagaland on TV channels. Well now don't waste any more time thinking on this, cause I know that you have not heard anything about these states for so long. I hope at least you remember that these are states which are part of India ...

If someone gets so much neglect, don't you think the neglected ones will try to grab some attention of the central Government or people of India? And if the answer is Yes, what are the ways they will do that? I hope you understand what I am trying to say here and if you don't ... What the @#&%?