Twitter’s @anywhere Platform

Twitter is soon going to announce a new platform called @anywhere, which would allow third party sites to integrate Twitter features. Twitter didn’t give a launch date for when sites would start integrating the new platform, I just came across the first site to feature @anywhere.

The site, which will almost certainly be pulled down soon after this post is published, is clearly a testing environment for @anywhere, but it’s currently open to the public. It features the following: various variable states; a button to ‘Connect With Twitter’; buttons to follow twitter users @jack, @biz, and @ev; a test hovercard that allows me to see @wendyverse’s latest tweets and follow counts at a glance, and a test box that lets me tweet. It isn’t particularly easy on the eyes, but it works well enough.

Hitting “Connect to Twitter” pulled in my Twitter profile photo and gave me the option to log out. Clicking on each of the ‘follow’ buttons appropriately changed the status from “Follow @jack” to “Following @Jack” the next time I refreshed the page.

If you’re fast, you may be able to try it out for yourself. Visit now!