Farmers Suicide - Facts and Possible Policy Interventions

The BBC News reports that more than 200,000 farmers have committed suicide in India since 1997!

Now that's a huge number. I believe less number of people must have died in India due to terror strikes. This is an alarming figure and needs immediate attention by the Govt of India. All the media houses are busy publicizing unwanted leaders and Indian film industry but there attention should be to bring the farmers in focus.

More than half of those who committed suicide were between 20 and 45, their most productive years so its a shame that farmers, who are the backbone of our economy, are suffering like this.

I am not a judge of what's good or bad to tackle this situation but as a awaken citizen, it's my duty to put this forth. There is an interesting document which talks about farmers suicides in India. You can download the document by clicking here.

I know, most of you will be wondering why this post now. Well, when some good people are not getting their due attention, we need to speak out. Am just doing it as a proud Indian who is proud of his country and the farmers/soldiers who give up their lives so that you and me are happy in this country.

If you're not moved by the post, what the ----?