One last time ...

Ok! This is the last time I am going to write on this topic. I don't want to give unnecessary publicity to cheap politicians through my blog. It's not the purpose of this blog. I want the people to be aware of everything around them. It's their own duty to form/have a opinion.

Now I heard that a businessman is the newest target of the cheap politicians who want to divide the country. What the ....?

Mumbai can be a global city as well as a Parsi, Gujarati or Marathi city but what it cannot and should be is an exclusionary city. That is what these buggers want and that is why this needs to be opposed. The campaign of these cheap politicians is founded on the bedrock of violence, intimidation and coercion. Who has given these people the right to speak for Marathi pride? Considering the poor performance in elections(Yes! We are a democratic country!), these cheap people cannot even claim popular support. So what the .... they think of themselves?

I again and again hear that number '105'. With due respect to this number & the people who lost their lives, does anyone know how many people lost their lives for the freedom of my motherland 'INDIA'? And trust me, those who lost it for 'INDIA' were fighting for every Indian and not just a few states/cities/towns!!!

What if people of India stop buying goods, products and services made in Maharashtra? The Financial capital of India will be on its Knees. In this era when the political experience can be used to lead the state and country towards globalization and development, these cheap guys are squandering it to do vice versa by their extremist views. Views which are resulting in the confinement of people and hence evading progress.

Yes its absolutely not wrong to love ones birthplace, but to spread the fumes of disharmony in its shadow is a crime - one which needs to be punished.

Lets focus on the “Indian issue” so that our nationality remains intact without the integrity getting hampered. India needs us to be united to be a economic superpower and only WE can do it by staying TOGETHER in harmony.