Ministers or butchers???

In a shocking incident to which two state ministers were witness, a police sub-inspector was attacked with bombs and hacked to death by a group of assailants at Alwarkurichi in Tirunelveli district on Thursday. Police said the SI was a victim of mistaken identity and that the assailtants were after another officer.

Thursday’s incident happened near the Alwarkurichi bridge, minutes before the convoy of health minister MRK Panneerselvam and environment minister TPM Mohideen Khan reached the spot.

This is the state of our nation. The one who are 'Public Servants' are watching the people literally die in front of their eyes. I watched the incident on TV and was shocked to see the apathy of the people present at that spot. Not to mention, I was also not very happy with the fact that the press i.e. the cameraman who was shooting that incident just did shoot the incident instead of helping the policeman lying in a pool of blood.

How inhuman can someone be? This is one example. I guess butchers are far better than these so called keepers of the law. Everyone should be ashamed of this incident and the ones who watched should just put think by putting their own son/daughter in place of the inspector who was literally pleading for help while all these people were watching him die.

If this is democracy, I don't need it. If these are the law makers and keepers of the society, I don't need them. I am better off with people like these who should be punished. If helping a murder in anyway is a crime, watching someone die in front of your eyes - when you can help, is much bigger a crime to me.

I wish someday these people who were watching this policeman die, be on the other side of the view. Then they will understand the importance of human life.

I just hope though cause what ever I say ... doesn't matter so what the ...?