Leave us alone please!

One of the political party says it won’t allow Australian players to play in Maharashtra in the backdrop of attacks on Indians in Australia.

One of the leaders of this so called 'Care Takers of Maharashtra State' said "No Australian players will be allowed to play in Maharashtra till the attacks are stopped on Indians".

He also went on to say "Our boys are being stabbed, burnt and shot at in that country and still our cricketers have no qualms in playing with them. Do they have any national pride?"

Look who's talking here!!! It's so hilarious to see these kind of words from the people who beat their own countrymen & poor people who work in Maharashtra! I couldn't stop laughing at this fellow's words cause the one who doesn't care about his countrymen in his own country have no rights to talk something like this. Not at all! It's time people start to learn that the politicians are 'Legal Mafia' in India and that we the people should be really see that these kind of people are completely ignored from all fronts. It's not worth paying heed to any of their words as those words will be to divide us based on religion & region.

India is a diverse country and everyone has equal rights here. If someone has a problem with that, he/she should travel to neighboring country. But please leave us alone! We Indians know what is good and bad for us and our country. We ain't need any preaching ... not from these 'Care Takers' at least!!!