Do journalists help in disasters?

To help or not! .... That's the big questions media people have when they are capturing disasters with their cameras and crews. Not so long ago, I posted an article of journalists' apathy towards a dying cop in southern part of India.

Today, the same is happening in Haiti. People are lying there ... wounded ... hurt ... hungry ... desperate for survival and then we see all these international crews, with their fancy gears ... capturing every moment. Now I ask you all a question and of course I know it's debatable for sure - "Do journalists need to help first rather than capturing a dying child?"

You will have your own views and I have mine! I was born to be a 'human' and with that characteristic, I believe, it's more important to save someone rather than telling the world how that someone died!

It's your call but if you're not a journalist and see someone in dire need of help, please make sure that you go ahead and help the person in need. Some years back, one of my close friends lost his brother in law - just because he was hit by an unknown vehicle on a highway, late into the night and no one helped him at all. He was lying in a pool of blood till dawn and if someone had helped him, he would have been with us. I knew that person very well and I know, what it means to lose someone.

Rest is all your decision. It's my thought and I am happy that I think like this. If you don't like it ... What the ....?