We had warned!

History says, "Thou should listen to her!".

We had warned about Indian Government's preparedness to tackle Swine Flu way back in one of the post "India & Swine Flu!". We did what we as an alert citizen of this country can do but seems like no one is bothered (Why should they? No one cared since last 63 years!).

Today the death toll due to the Influenza A (H1N1) virus has reached to 530! (Remember ... India lost 527 soldiers in the Kargil war against Pakistan!) Not a big number huh? After all the cost of human life is very cheap in India. No one cares if some one is dying by roadside due to an accident, NO ONE! Life is cheap guys ... and very cheap in India for sure. If you visit any of the Government run hospitals, you'll come to know. I wonder how many of our MLAs or MPs treat their near and dear ones in Government run hospitals. I bet, you'll find none! Why is it so? Have you ever tried to ask anyone or for that matter to yourself? Well the answer is NO. We are so F***** up with our own lives that we have forgot that there is a society around us which is in need of these basic amenities which we are having (you can say 'privileged' to have!).

Having said so, we always try to educate people in India through our posts here and we did the same in case of Swine Flu as well. Just try to Google "Swine Flu Test Centers across India" and you'll see the results. Not a single Government agency site shows up in the first five results (or so it was when I did this last time).

You also need to look back to some of the articles we posted way back titled "Know Swine Flu" and "Swine Flu Test Centers in India".

"Till date, samples from 80,327 people have been tested for Influenza A (H1N1) in government laboratories and a few private laboratories across the country, and 15,726 of them have been found positive," said a statement issued by the Government of India.

With the winter arriving in India, just hope and pray that the second wave of this flu doesn't hit us badly. After all ... you know how well (ill) prepared the Government is to tackle this for its countrymen!!!