Disgusting ... shameful ... filthy ... rubbish ... unbelievable ... @#$%!!!

Well I don't have words today, to express myself here. What a shame! A common man like me has ran out of words. The politicians in India have reached a new HIGH today by insulting the national language and by insulting the word 'Democracy'.

Some people in this country don't respect the national language. My advice to them is to leave the country for good then. May be they can join the neighbors who are focussed to divide this beautiful country.

Out country is on the threshold of being divided by these kind of elements and it's time we stand united. United against these ^#@#&@&# politicians ... who for power can go to any limits. Who's ruling the country? Is desh mein kisaka 'Raj' hai? These hooligans are ruling the country. They are ruling educated people like you reading this blog and those who can't read!

Law must take action. If action isn’t taken then this will be the beginning of breaking the peace of this diverse country!