Death of a common man ...

Indian common man keeps on being neglected and ignored all the time. This is not something new I am saying here but we are so used to this that, you might say - "What the ....?"

Some days back our Prime Minister visited a hospital in Chandigarh city for some convocation ceremony. But someone's ceremony was someone's nightmare on that fateful day.

Sumit Prakash Verma, 32, who was suffering from renal failure and other complications, allegedly died Tuesday outside the Post-Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER) here because the security measures for the prime minister's visit barred entry to the hospital. Tight security measures were in place and some roads and parking areas were blocked by the police during the prime minister's six-hour visit to the city, where he owns a house and has worked five decades ago.

The prime minister was telling PGIMER faculty and doctors during the institute's 30th convocation to reach out to the common person. I wish the people listening to him would not have been needed to tell this as they all call doctors profession a 'noble profession'.

I fully understand that he represents the country and that his security is very very important. But, for me life of each and every citizen of India is as important, no matter if he/she is a VVIP or a common man walking by the street. Once upon a time it was being said that "In a communist country, every one is equal and the communist leaders are more than equal". In the Indian democracy, the leaders have freedom to prevent others freedom, even if it results in someone`s death. The ethics of governance, and the character of the Indian politics has deteriorated so much that even leaders like Dr.Manmohan do not command the same level of respect that once upon a time they did. Each Indian is responsible for this individual`s death. As in the last 62 years in the name of tolerance, we have sacrificed our patriotism and surrendered the nation to the goons in every form and position.

But come on Indians ... What the ....? Who cares!!! We are enjoying this as much as you enjoyed reading this sad but true state of the nation!