Want to host Olympics?

Celebrations have erupted in a volcano of music, dance and partying in Brazil as Rio was declared the hosts of the 2016 Olympic Games!

Well New Delhi is also hosting a gala event in 2010 - 'The Common Wealth Games'. Now when I look into the newspaper these days, there is at least one news related to the 2010 games in New Delhi. It's about either the delay in preparations or Government of Delhi saying "We are on time!". Either way, we will have to wait until 3rd Oct 2010 to see the real thing.

Now let's talk about Rio's bid for 2016. Well, we know that Brazil is not a developed country and that it has it's own challenges. But when I looked at the way they have presented themselves for the 2016 bid, I was impressed. It's not possible to beat Obama's candidate (read Chicago City) that easily, is it? But Rio has done it. I request the Government of India Olympic Committee to visit the link below to read about the executive paper prepared by the Rio 2016 committee.

Click here to check out Rio's Candidature.

And yes, if Delhi wants 2020, they be prepared from October 4th 2009. After all, it's my birthday tomorrow -:)

Cheers to Rio's spirit!!!