I am back!

My last post here was on October 10th morning and the same day I heard one of the worst news I have ever heard. My mother suffered a heart attack on October 10th and I had to rush to Nasik, my home town in Maharashtra state. This is the very reason I have been away for a while but now my mother is home and recuperating well.

It’s been a tough time for me and my family. I learned a lot of things about the so called ‘Noble profession’ i.e. Doctor’s profession during these times of crisis.

Some of the things I learned are so disturbing that I can’t even share in public forums. If I do, you might lose your faith on doctors in this country so its better I keep those with me. But in plain words, the noble profession is no more ‘noble’ … Sad but true!

It was just ‘cause of my very close school friends, who are also doctors (Dr.Rahul Bhosale, Dr.Shantaram Thakare) that I came to know about things which a layman can never come to know. These guys are genuine professionals and are doing a great job for mankind in my home town Nasik in Maharashtra state. I wish that India gets some more doctors like these two guys.

Apart from these two guys, all my school friends – Dhananjay Mahale, Vijay Patil, Deepak Patil, Hemant Gharate, Yoesh Sonawane, Rajesh Gadhave, Sachin Ghule, Sudarshan Sangle, Parshuram Pawar – stood by me like a rock in Nasik and I am grateful to these guys.

Here are a few snaps of all of us when we went for an outing after everything went well with my mother's health.