Students can get the most out of Google Docs now!

I wish when I was studying, internet was the "in" thing and I wish I could have benefited from these new age tools available on internet these days. Now that I wasn't, I think its my duty to let the students know a few things which can benefit them in their studies. Yes! Internet and Studies go hand in hand today only if students show some interest in "right" things. You know what I mean!!!

Google doc has incorporated a new feture in its offering. The feature, available under the “Insert” menu, allows you to type in full, clean equations for everything from your standard high school physics to my favorite, mutlivariable calculus!

Google Docs also highlighted its addition of subscript and superscript formatting so that you can add in simple exponents and label variables.

It’s easy to see why this feature could be huge for students. A group of friends could collaborate on notes via a Google Doc, making sure that they don’t miss any of the important lecture notes. Equations in Google Docs are also simply cleaner to look at.

So I believe, if you're a student and reading this, please pass it on to your friends. If you're a parent, do let your children know about this.

If you're a politician, please stay away from this post. Well the last one was a bad joke -:)) But I know one thing that politicians can do wonders if they're changed regularly like diapers!!!