Keep on walking

"Oz envoy calls attack on Indians as street crime", "Obama Offers Ways to Rate Efforts in Afghan Region", "Tamiflu at retail outlets from today", "H1N1 patients flock to govt hospitals, avoid pvt ones", "Cong disapproves Tharoor's remark on economy class travel" ... These are some of the headlines appearing in newspapers today!

Don't you think the world can be a better place to live in? What if the headlines were, "Borders of all the countries now open", "You don't need Visa to travel to any country in the world", "School kids of the universe to get education free", "No child will sleep hungry from today" ...

Well, this is my dream and they say dreams come true if you act accordingly. I am nobody and there are almost 7 billion people on the world. So the challenge is, to make people think in this direction. Again this is even a bigger challenge 'cause after you're done reading this post, you're gonna forget about this in the next few minutes (or seconds) and this post will be just another post in the virtual world.

So, I keep on dreaming about things that are dearer to me and you keep on walking in life!