सच का सामना

पिछले दिनों "सच का सामना" को लेकर बहुत माहौल गरम है और गरम इस कदर है कि संसद को भी इसपर ध्यान देना पड़ा!!! What the #$%@? Who the hell are these guys in parliament to decide what Indian people want to watch on television?

Today morning I woke up to read the newspaper with the head line - "Did a renowned politician lie?" Well ... politician and lying ... what's the big deal about it in India? This well known politician is an @#$%&*^!. He has been very much instrumental in dividing my country over religion over the years. And if this was not enough, this guy (or should I say an OLD useless fellow) has been the front runner when trading terrorists for the release of Indian hostages a few years back.

Now I ask this person, can he sit on that chair in front of Indians and face "सच का सामना". If these politicians think that they can do anything with our lives, they are RIGHT ... cause we Indians have become so used to being divided and ruled by these mean fellows who can go to any level to gran that chair ... no, not the one of "सच का सामना" but that of POWER.

Well, they had also showed money in the parliament and if some good people are to be believed, this was also driven by this OLD #%$^&@*! God bless him with all the powers he ever wanted ... may be in his next birth. Thank God (and my fellow countrymen) who saved me from being ruled by such a false, mean, useless, pathetic and sarcastic politician!

Long live India ... Long Live "सच"!