"MJ" no more ...

Today morning I woke up and turned the TV on & to my surprise and shock the sad news of Michael Jackson's demise fell on my ears.

The world had lost a great artist. There have been times when he was accused of lot of things in his life but then this is the price any genius has to pay for being a 'genius'. No one can question his creativity as he always pushed the envelop of creativity. He revolutionized the music world with his great songs which will be there forever!

I have been a admirer of the 'King of Pop' since my childhood. The only thing that I will always regret is that I was never able to see his performance when he visited India and performed in Bombay. I couldn't go to the show cause I was not having enough resources and was studying then. Well ... I was destined not to see this great gift of God.

There have been questions raised like 'Is he the real King of Pop?', 'Will he be a greater person after his death?' and so on. To those people who are raising this question, I have only one thing to say, "God please forgive these people cause they really don't know what they are saying!"

The world never let Michael Jackson LIVE in peace when he was alive, I sincerely hope that people will let his soul rest in peace!

God bless his soul and may he rest in peace!