तुम्ही पण सही तर आम्ही पण सही!

The literal meaning of these lyrics (तुम्ही पण सही तर आम्ही पण सही!) is - "If you are right ... I am also right!"

This movie is very close to how I was in school or for that matter all my life. I can't take injustice or indifference. If I find that there is something wrong being done by someone to me, I always stand up against that. And why shouldn't I? That's my birth right ... to always stand by truth and have the guts to go against people who are doing injustice.

Very frankly all my life I have seen people who are too afraid to go against the tide. I feel pity for these people. We are not slaves ... we live in a free world. If you have voice ... its there for you to raise it when it matters. If you keep mum seeing all the injustice around you, you are not doing any good for yourself or the mankind.

Stand up when you are right. Bad souls will always be there around you but that should not stop you from doing right things and standing up against wrong things.