Yougest country in the world run by the oldest parliament!

If am not wrong, we have political parties in India who have PM candidates as young as 81 (you heard that right - "Eighty One") years!

People of India wake up. An old man who has crossed 80 years is only going to build temples and not space crafts! An old man is bound to be driven by his old values and not that of the younger generation! An old man is an old man! He needs his family more than caring for the country that too as big as India which has more than a billion citizens struggling everyday to live! An old man is only going to have supporters who vandalize pubs and discs and molest women of this country cause they think they are the moral police. We are India and not a country like our neighbors which is run by Taliban!

We have to win the world by out Youth and its talent and not by building temples & dividing people by religion. We are a young country but run by a very old parliament. We need fresh blood to run this country which has rich tradition and heritage. We need young people to empower the common man who suffers everyday in India.

There is a danger of total criminalization of politics (I would call it politicization of criminals): about 700 legislators in the States and 40 in Parliament have a criminal background and some of them are facing trial on charges of murder, extortion! Wow!!!! ... and we are accepting it as if it doesn't matter to us.

God bless my country! I hope young India awakes NOW cause its NOW or NEVER for my motherland!