Where are "Thought Leaders"?

Its ON! The fight for supremacy to rule our country is ON!!

Every day I see all these so called leaders of different political parties on TV and every day I say to myself "What the ....? Are these people going to rule my motherland for next five years!!!"

Its ridiculous ... the way they talk on TV or in front of the larger public ... the way they project themselves. We see one candidate talking @#@# about a particular religion and we see another talking about things like building a temple. Goshh!!! What the @#$% are you gonna do with that temple man??? Is it going to feed the 30% of India which is under poverty line! Come on, we need leaders who talk the real things that my country needs. Enough of dividing people based on caste and religion. We are humans and we need leaders who believe in humanity.

I wonder if the people of India are really serious about their life in this country. People have become so self focused that they don't realize the consequences of not being part of the democracy by virtue of not going for voting etc. We are screwing ourselves by doing this. If the people of India don't wake up now, there future generations would be suffering and mind it, it will be worse than our neighbors after all we are a country of more than a billion people!

I still remember my childhood when the village where I grew up was living life to the fullest fearing that 'SkyLab' was going to fall on earth and the poor people of my village thought that it can be our village! I saw people of all religions living so peacefully and enjoying their lives so generously that I feel ashamed that I grew up. I can do anything to go back to that era where humanity was most important thing in India until one day when a well known religious place was destroyed by some communal people who wanted to rule the country by hook or crook. I urge you to look into the figures of people who died cause of blasts/terrorism/riots before that particular incident and after it.

Anyway ... me putting my thoughts here is a ritual for me now. So one fine day when I am at the verge of leaving this earth, I would see some one else witting the same things after so many years cause the way we are used to living like this ... it's not gonna change for years to come!!!