Earth Hour

It began over the remote Chatham Islands in the southern Pacific Ocean and from there—time zone by time zone—Earth Hour 2009 marched around the globe March 28, with hundreds of cities and communities and millions of individuals dimming their lights to call attention to climate change. In all, nearly 1,000 global landmarks went dark for an hour, including New York's Empire State Building, Paris' Eiffel Tower, the dome of St. Peters in the Vatican and the Christ the Redeemer statue on Mount Corcovado overlooking the city of Rio de Janeiro.

I did my bit for mother earth by making a few people aware of it and making sure that the lights went off at my home on March 28th. It was fun. I recalled the days when I was growing up in my home town in Maharashtra and where the Electricity Board has been helping mother earth for years! When the power used to go off, me and my friends used to gather together and shout out loudly in out colony. I had this football ground just behind my home and we used to go there and shout from cursing the Electricity Board to Pakistan! It was FUN at its best!!

On second thought, how about we switching off the lights for an hour every weekend? Well this would surely be a good thing and it won't cost you much for sure.

I also got to learn an interesting thing while creating awareness of Earth Hour among people. I had this event created (would not mention where) and one of the gentleman was sarcastic enough to worry about - what will happen to the power grids if all lights went off suddenly! Well people like this gentleman are every where. Instead of doing a small bit for mother earth, some people will question the very motive behind it. Funny ain't it? For a moment I felt like slapping that person. I am not Gandhi after all!

Some people are really very sadistic in nature and I just hate such people around me. I have a lot of these around me and I need to get rid off these earthly creatures very soon!