It should have been "Roja"!

Lets get this straight! I am proud today as I have always been ... being an Indian. Only thing is that many people and their acts make me proud each and every day in life and one such day was yesterday morning. My fellow Indian A.R.Rahaman won at the Oscars!

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A.R. Rahman has won two Oscars awards for Best Original song and best background score. Personally I didn't like the movie "Slumdog Millionaire" for obvious reasons (I think "Rang De Basanti" was far more better a movie than "SL" and it makes me upset as well) but I must say that the music by AR was just too good for the competition at the Oscars. I would have been more happy if he had won this in 1992 for "Roja"!

Rahman's win comes as the crowning glory and he truly deserves the honor, not just for this movie, but for the fabulous music he has been making for over a decade.

I still remember when I saw him receive the Rajat Kamal award for Best Music Director at the National Film Awards in 1992, the first time ever by a first-time film composer. I heard those tracks in Tamil and never understood a word of it ... but the music haunts me still today. It was one of the best album I have ever heard in my life and still remains one of my favorites. I knew then that he had arrived and he just proved me right once more yesterday.

I salute his passion for delivering the best music over the years and I know he has a long way to go in life.

Keep the good work you are doing Rahman. We are proud of you and your work in the filed of art in our country where every parent's dream is to see his child being an Engineer, Doctor or a Government Servant.