What the .... ?

I struggled with what would be my first post here. It should be prolific after all this time, right? Grand in nature. Broad in scope. So, I struggled.

But I know its like walking into a room full of people you’ve never met! So let me introduce myself to the world ... OK ... virtual world!

Name is Baba ... Baba Tiratzo. What the ... ? What's this stupid name? Well this is my name in second life. My friends call me Baba ... it goes well with my last name I guess ... 'DholiBaba'!

By the way ... am Anand. What next? Well I believe you will come to know about me as you get the feed to this blog of mine. And if not ... What the ....?

So welcome to this stupid fellow's blog. Everyone speaks his/her mind these days, so why not me? I would be talking about everything ... everything I come across in my day-to-day life. Though I was owning a blog with other name earlier , it died down with my mind. Now that my mind is 'alive' again, I thought of speaking my mind with you all.

So keep your eyes wide open and get that feed of my blog ... I know you care & If you don't ... What the ....?