They did it again!

One of the Indian minister (I don't like to mention these politicians names, they are all the same - Mafia elected by people) on Wednesday contested investigators’ findings that Maharashtra ATS chief Hemant Karkare was killed by Ismail Khan, an accomplice of arrested jihadi Ajmal Kasab.

Now what the ....? What is this minister doing? Was he there when Mr.Karkare went to fight the terrorists when they invaded a hospital? Does he know what a loss is? What the 'bug' was he doing when the terrorists were striking Mumbai? I think he must have been sipping coffee and watching all these heroes fight the terrorists - on TV!

Does this minister know that, this useless talks of his is going to make Pakistan comfortable?

I mean ... very frankly, I don't have words to put in here. When a coveted officer died in Delhi fighting terrorists, I have seen a politician rewarding the slain police officer's family some money (which the family didn't accept), and then in a matter of 2 days questioning the motive behind that police officer's killing! What the ....?

This is what we see in our day-to-day life in India. We have got so much used to watch this happen that, this hardly matters to any Indian.

Sad but true!!!