Paradise ... No more!

GOA ... William Shakespeare once said "What's in name?" ... to him my answer is - If you say 'GOA', there's lot in the name!

GOA is a paradise, I really mean it. I love being there and have been there to enjoy the clean beaches and the sun (not to mention 'beer'). Its the place where you find life! Its the place to enjoy every moment of your life. Its the place where you forget all your sadness and rejuvenate.

But ... this paradise is going to be affected a lot now. Because of the some of the eunuchs in the Indian Government, there is a ban on the beach parties this year. So during Xmas or New Year celebrations, there will be no more beach parties.

What the ....? Is this going to send a right message to the world? Does this mean that after all those talks of bravery, we are going to give up against the terror threats? Does this mean that our government is not capable of protecting its people on their own soil?

This is so ridiculous. If you can not protect your countrymen, in your own country, what the .... are you doing with taxpayer's money? You don't have the right to rule this country anymore - if this is what we get in return. We can not go out and celebrate in our own motherland.

I believe the paradise is lost now. I really don't know what the future generations in India have in store in this country.