How Mr.Karkare died in Mumbai attacks

The post-mortem report details the sequence of events that led to Karkare's death. All the four bullets that hit Karkare were fired from the weapons used by the terrorists. Also the police have every detail of the wireless messages sent and received by Karkare during the Mumbai attacks.

Investigators say the terrorists landed up at Cama Hospital by mistake. They entered the building and killed a guard and asked another one how to get inside.

After spending about 20 minutes in the hospital premises and not knowing where they were, the terrorists came to the hospital gate.

After getting information that the terrorists were hiding in the area, Hemant Karkare, Additional Commissioner Of Police Ashok Kamte and Inspector Vijay Salaskar came in one vehicle towards Cama Hospital at a very low speed. These guys were brave officers of Mumbai police, so if some one says why they went there ... my answer is ... because YOU would not have dared to go there. What the ....? How can some one ask, why these 3 top officials went there? These guys never cared about their lives as country was first for them and then their personal life. It was part and parcel of their lives ... to confront everyone who attacked the country or countrymen. If you people know, Mr.Karkare was in RAW for 7 years before being a part of ATS.

From behind the trees Mohammad Ajmal Amir Kasab and his associate fired at the police van. They just fired because it was a police vehicle and ended up killing the three senior police officers.

So all the speculations about Mr.Karkare's death ends here. That minister of the Indian Government needs to be told this. I wish he read my blog if not the police reports!

God bless all those who officers for whom the call of duty was important than everything else. We are proud of you!