FBI confirms what India knows!

India has been knowing that most of the terror strikes in India were carried on by Pakistani nationals. From the attack on our parliament to the Mumbai attacks, all has been the handy work of the terrorist from our neighboring country.

The Parliament attack reminds me of one of the news article I read on Dec.14' 08. Every year, on Dec 13th, there is a small prayer in the Parliament, for the heroes of those attacks.

Now read this ... this year, on Dec 13th when the prayers were being held, less than a dozen MPs were present to offer their prayers to these heroes. What the .... ?

Is this our heroes - who laid down their lives for our country, deserve? What kind of politicians we have in this country. Another good example is one which I heard from my good friend Satish. He was saying that in our country, an Olympic Gold Medalist Shooter is awarded INR 2 Crores but ... a shooter from NSG/Police, who laid down his life ... shooting terrorists is given a compensation of INR 50 K! Isn't is great? And we all ... just watch ... that's even cool ... ain't it?

Come on India. Think before some one from your family gets killed in these kind of terror attacks. Mind it, its not impossible at all ... May be then you will realize what a loss is!

Wake up before its too late.