Best Christmas Gift ever ...

In the morning of December 25th 2008, he came into our lives! Can you think of any better day for the arrival of a new family member?

The feeling of emotion and happiness when I first set eyes on and held my son is very hard to describe. He was so small! Wow, firstly for some time I couldn’t believe what I saw (even today, I just stare at him with curiosity). The doctor just gave me a glimpse of the baby and took him to a nursery. Then started my wait to hold my baby in my arms. I was very anxious to see him and it showed as I went to the nursery a few times to have a glimpse of my son.

Finally, in the late noon I was able to see him. I am not able to explain the feelings in words as am not a good writer and I think, even a good novel writer would not be able to put the feelings of a father when he holds his baby for the first time. It was just amazing. I could not stop staring at him, he was so perfect. Scared, what an idiot I thought, you are the luckiest man alive. I had the greatest joy of my life on Christmas this year. This is the best gift that I have received in my life.

I haven’t slept the whole night last night as he was awake but I am enjoying it. I think he is trying to adjust himself to this outside world. He just stared at things and I believe he is trying to understand this big bad world we live in. I really hope that the world will be a better place to live in till the time he grows up.

We have named him 'Arav' which means 'Peaceful' in Sanskrit.

The future is really exciting for me. I now have something to really live for along with my wife! There are many things that I am looking forward to and some of them are mentioned below:

  • Taking my son to play football!
  • Taking my son to bike rides!
  • Taking my son to his school!
  • Taking my son for his first beer!
  • Seeing my son with his first girlfriend!
  • Becoming a grand-dad!

These of course are just a small number of many things which really excite me in the future. Lets see how it goes!